How long do alterations take?

We budget two weeks for ready-to-wear alterations. Your first consultation and fitting usually suffices and you can pick up your clothing at your next appointment. Bridal alterations typically need 6-8 weeks. After our initial consultation, where we determine exactly what you need and want done to your dress, we will schedule three additional appointments.  The first one involves work on the upper part of your dress, and the second visit focuses mostly on the hem and bustle.  The third visit is a "just in case" appointment for last minute details. Our goal is to finish your dress two weeks before your wedding. 

What does the custom design process look like?

We start by looking at pictures or other inspiration you have provided. After taking your measurements, we determine the type of fabric we will use to complete the garment. We have relationships with quality fabric stores in both Chicago and New York, so we can source the exact fabric you're looking for. We then create a basic cotton muslin version of your masterpiece to make sure it fits you perfectly before we start cutting into your chosen fabric. We create as many appointments as necessary to ensure you have that perfect, tailored fit. 

What do you charge for alterations and custom design?

Our services are $80 an hour. Pricing varies, depending on the time and effort required for each particular job. We are certain that we will be able to accommodate your customized needs at a fair and competitive price, and that you'll be thrilled with the end results and value of our expert, quality workmanship. Feel free to contact us directly for a more accurate price estimate. Here is a short list of price ranges:


Feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions.